From young, I have always fascinated by these tiny creatures called Ants. How they work together, crawled in a straight line and how they communicate with each other. I learned to respect them more when I was bitten by some red ants.

I saw some red ant when I was out to try out some Macro shots and they were my subject.

As they were busy looking for food, I was busy trying to hold my camera still to try capturing them, but they crawl too fast for me to actually follow. Their effort pays off as they found a helpless caterpillar.

Together they carried the spoil home.

Do you know an ant can carry 20 times of it weights? Well imagine a person who have the ability of an ant. Here are more facts of Ants that you may want to know.


khengsiong said…
Wow... not bad not bad...
LEon said…
Thanks bro. :) These are the only 3 shots that can make it. LOL