No money go Pawn Shop?

When times are bad and many need cash, some may resort to pawn some valuable. Now I am fine with that but if good stewardship is in place there would be not much need on that. Anyway Pawn shop has always been around in Singapore for ages but recently due to casino and TV advertisements, I happen to take note of them again. Now modern and very different from the old Pawn shop I used to know in the neighborhood.

Anyway I saw a Pawnshop advertisement on the local TV channel. The story started two well dressed young ladies meeting up and started to chat. Women one who was a celebrity asked her lady friend who is in her early 20s "Your boyfriend birthday coming, what do you want to get for him?"

"He wanted a new laptop but I don't have the cash for it." answered the young lady. The impression I get maybe she was pursuing her degree. The lady celebrity then answered her "No worry I think I can solve that problem."

Next scene you see both of them enter a good modern Pawn shop (the advertiser) and the young lady handed her jewelry ear ring and get some cash. All of them are happy.

The scene then goes to the young lady handed a gift (laptop) to her boyfriend at a candle light open air restaurant. The guy was very happy and so was the girl. Happy ending right? What is the message you get when you saw this advertisement? When you need money for something, go to pawn some valuable.

Some questions came to my mind. Is the boyfriend birthday gift an emergency? A need or a want? Is that the best way to do it?

Pawning something is not selling something. It is just putting something of value to get cash and later go back to claim back the item. Of course if after the given time you do not redeem the item, it would have sold away. I think it's alright if whatever you pawn belows to you but what if it is not?

I don't know but I feel the advertisement could have done better but somehow it seems like giving a wrong message to me. What do you think?


khengsiong said…
Actually, these days we can sell things online...
LEon said…
Agree but sell things online take time and unlike pawn shop, you cant redeem the item back.