Revisit Singapore Newspaper Achieves

I remember during my secondary History project, we have to head to National library to search for some old news from newspaper. In those days, the information was captured by Micro films. It is pretty fun to roll the film and see the projection of the newspapers appear again on a white background.

Today the students who need to do History project were made easier. The National Library of Singapore had use the latest technology to tag micro-film and allow digital search online. All you need to do is to head over to and start a search with any keyword you desire. Not only that, you can share some of your search results via email, facebook , twitter and any other media sites.

It allow viewing of newspaper by dates which if you like see what happened on the day when you are born or some special day in your life. It is commendable effort for Singapore National Library to do such achieves so to preserve information for the future generation.

If you must know, the oldest achieve is as old as 1831! Go and take a look. :)


moemoekyun said…
wow turn into like wikipedia now
but this will be more than that
LEon said…
Indeed. It's good they document it down so generation to come may learn about it.