New Zealand want More Singaporean

You hear that right. New Zealand are looking for skilled workers and are targeting Singaporean and Hong Kong.

According to the News, last year, only 114 Singaporeans became permanent residents in New Zealand, 92 of them through the skilled and business stream.

"New Zealand will need more skilled migrants to remain competitive, and if we wanted immigrants who spoke English from our region, then Singapore and Hong Kong would be the two obvious centres to target," Profesor Spoonley said.

Would-be migrants will be told of comparatively cheaper housing and car ownership, and the relaxed lifestyle. Those interested in becoming New Zealanders will be invited to register their interest online.

"We have attracted migrants who have gained jobs as nurses, teachers, accountants, ICT technicians, electricians, retail managers ... to name a few of the more popular occupations," Dr Coleman said.

"The skilled and business stream is aimed at people who will bring needed skills and capital and proven entrepreneurial abilities into the country."

"We have found Asians to be more entrepreneurial and to have better business networks, not just with their home countries but also in their industries.

"The bigger money may be with countries like China, but I think Singaporeans, being more proficient in English and having a better understanding of the Western culture, will be able to adapt better to the New Zealand lifestyle," he said.

Read more details of the News here.

Well it really good to have some choices isn't it?


khengsiong said…
What! Do they think Malaysians speak little English!??
LEon said…
Maybe they never really get in contact with Malaysians or young Malaysian and thus came to such conclusion. Just maybe. :)
Kia Tang said…
Yes, I am one of them in Auckland, New Zealand. Well, there are quite a number of malaysian over here. Singaporeans are still quite rare to meet out there.
LEon said…
@Kia Tang
So you will be the first SG there. LOL
Kia Tang said…
Yes. Probably, the first for X-Generation Singaporean that can go out of their comfort zone in a nanny state which others refer Singapore as. HAHAHA... ;op