TIME Magazine Michael Jackson Commemorative Issue

I thought I have missed it out altogether but I happen to see this once again at a local news stand. Without hesitation, I made the purchase.

One thing I really like is the photographs of MJ inside in different eras of his time. Starting from Jackson 5.

Here's the teenage MJ in a studio with Steven wonder. Man they are really young then.

Young Michael already a sensation on stage. Just look at the crowd.

The prime of Michael in 1993 Dangerous tour. If I'm not wrong, he should be singing "Give it to me" when the shot was taken.

Not forgetting the content of writing was good too. Still yet to finish reading the magazine. Going to enjoy it slowly.

At the back of the magazine, there was this statement which I agree on.

It was from Pepsi, a drink that Michael used to advertise.

Totally worth every penny I paid for. A MJ Collector's item!

In cases you do not know, if MJ is alive today, he should be celebrating his 51 years old birthday. I truly hope his soul is in a better place now. Happy birthday MJ and may your body be lay to rest soon.