Importance of Stay Home Mother

If you asked me what I remember most of my childhood, my answer would be the time when I was at home accompany by my mother on a weekday afternoon. I always felt secure and at peace at the comfort of my home with someone as dear as a mother.

Due to higher standard of living, both parents often chose to go for a pay job while their children are place in the hands of the baby sitter, maid or their grandparents. As the result of that, the child often grew closer to the caretaker than their own parents. What concern more is the value and habits they often would pick up from their care takers without the knowledge of their parents.

As vital as family is to the society, so is the role of a stay home mother. Often enough stay home mother are closer to their children and their children are more open to them. The balance of the child and family are stable too. A stay home mother would have more time to educate and instill their family values to the child during meals and playtime. Today, being a Stay home mother does not mean no financial income. Many Stay home mother taken up some part time job and some starting their home business.

As good as the benefits sound, being a Stay home mother can be stressful. She has to be alert most of the time and rush through daily routine without off days and there are no official normal working hours. The finances may be limited in some aspect as they do not get benefits from day job workers. Staying home too much can lose touch with the current society as stay home mothers would pretty much occupy with the affairs of the child. In short, they need more emotional support from their spouse and family. However, a stay home mothers never regretted their choices.

Good things about the role of being a stay home mother is non-permanent. As the child grows up, she can rejoined the working group once again giving the child chances to practice their independence. By then, their child should be well equip emotionally and mentally for what he/she can handle.

Sometime I felt stay home mothers were not given enough credits for their scarifies for their noble and responsible decision. I am blessed and forever grateful that my mother was a stay home mother who nurture me in body, mind and soul.

Do you agree Stay home mother is important to the society structure?