The importance of building a Firm Foundation

I received these photos from an email and at that moment I saw this photo, I thought it has to do with Taiwan disaster that happen 8 August 2009.

When I reached the second photo, I realized it was not related to the that event. The whole building fallen flat on the ground but the building was very much intact. Take a look at the foundation! Was it caused by an earthquake?

It seems that the only building fallen to the ground while the others were standing fine (for now).

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It was a good thing that the building was empty (so it seems from the photo as the building is new and under construction). I couldn't imagine if it was occupied. That could cost the lost of lot of lives!

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Once again it proved the theory for the need of a good foundation. Regardless the firmness of the building to each floor, if the foundation was not laid properly, the whole building will collapsed. There is no short cuts and woe to those made such grave mistake whether on purpose or not! This should not be an honest mistake.