Gladlycast: Tweet from your mobile in Singapore with local SMS charges

In order to tweet on the move, I have 3 choices:
1. Surf on my mobile device in a public wifi zone
2. Sign up for a local telco mobile internet plan
3. Or I can send an SMS to an overseas number that offers such services (charges from local telco as a oversea smses)

How I wish there were a local service provider that charges local charges for SMSes instead of overseas charges. Then, I would be able to tweet via SMS whenever and wherever I want in Singapore. prayer was answered.

Through Twitter, I got to know Gladlycast, a free local SMS service linked to twitter. Did I mention that service is FREE?

How does it work?
You send a sms to a local number and it would recognize the subscriber's mobile number and matches that SMS to a specific twitter account.

How to sign up?
Here are the simple steps to activate the services at to begin, click on the "Sign in with twitter".

1. You will be redirected to Twitter to log in to your twitter account. After logging in, it asks for your permission to allow Gladlycast to associate your account with your mobile phone number.

2. Once accepted, a random custom message will be display and you will be asked to send that message via SMS to the given local mobile number for verification. Once the sms is being sent, it's time to confirm your number in the next step.

3. Your mobile number which you use to send the SMS will be displayed. Confirm if that was the number. Now your mobile number is tied to the twitter account.

4. You may associate multiple mobile numbers with your twitter account. If you do not want it, you are done.

5. It's time to send an SMS from the mobile phone and it will appear in your twitter account.

What if you have multiple twitter account?
Gladlycast can still accept your tweet to display in ALL your twitter accounts and also excluding a specific tweet from a specific twitter account only.

The only down side of this services is that it is a ONE way traffic. You send your tweet to them but they will not sent any tweet from who you follow in your twitter account to you. If it does, you will maybe bombarded by SMS spam all day depending on who and the number of those you are following.

I personally recommend this service for those in Singapore. Why send and pay for overseas SMSes for a tweet on the move right? Sign up for free at Gladlycast and join me on twitter and let's tweet on the move!


Bee said…
hi! Imma first time user, is this a free service?
LEon said…
the service should be free. the sms is counted as your normal sms charges.