Sony Secret of PSP + Phone?

What if Sony going to come out a PSP on a Mobile Phone? When I got my old Sony Ericsson mobile phone K800, I was told that it is a mobile phone in a Digital Camera and not a Digital camera in a Mobile phone. Looking at the Sony direction of their latest PSP Go! game console and their knowledge of Mobile Phone (Sony Ericsson), it is not too difficult to imagine the possibility.

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Reuters reported that the Nikkei business daily in Japan said Sony planned to start getting its team together on the project as soon as next month. Below is the concept design draft.

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For a gamer like me, I am excited. Sony is going to the right direction. A ideal device would serve as a mobile phone, Music player, video player, digital camera, web browsing, GPS and gaming. what more can we ask for in one device?

Are you excited too?


Kai and Baobei said…
amazing !! they go so fast ??
LEon said…
Since they have the knowledge in their fields, it is not hard to get those specialist engineer to work together. Will update if there are more news about it. Meanwhile wait for the new PSP Go!