Sony Limited Edition Michael Jackson's Thriller 2GB USB Flash Drive

Often enough we wanted to buy a empty but big capacity thumb drive. How about having a music album when you buy a Thumb drive?

Sony did that in 2007 in a 2GB thumb drive during the 25th anniversary of Thriller by Michael Jackson. Thriller, the best selling album of all times. This flash drive is pre-loaded with nine original songs of that album plus, eight bonus tracks and video clips.

Seriously you are paying not for a thumb drive but an album as well. How cool is that? Plus it is a Limited Edition. I wonder will they be doing "Bad", "Dangerous" and "HIStory" since now MJ has left us...

By the way, recently there are so much MJ topics that some forum actually closed and discourage members for opening MJ thread... I guess that can put into another Guinness hall of fame?

Limited Edition Michael Jackson's Thriller 2GB Micro Vault Click USB Flash Drive here