No eating and drinking on SMRT or Fine

I read today on mypaper that SMRT is finally taking action against those who challenge the rules and regulation of the commuters. One major regulation is "No food or Drink are allow in trains and stations". It has been a common sight to see such uncivil commuters both young and old challenging that rule. This problem has become so common that it appear as a constant topic on Stomp and topic to talk about on Singapore National TV.

A week ago, an article was published on The Straits Times regarding "More eating on MRT". In it quoted there was an increase in offenders compare to last year. It is a thriving problem as many offenders action was not caught.

Regardless the constant warning on audio being played in the stations and trains and the visible signage almost everywhere in the vicinity, some individual still challenge the rules and chose to remain ignorance. Finally SMRT are enforcing the rules they have set.

Personally, I welcome the enforcement by SMRT before situation goes out of hand. Generally the public are not as civil minded and self-disciple compared to the past. Is it because of the growth in population that cause the reduction of the standard of civil mindedness? If the education standard had increase, why would there be a reduction in conduct of one self? The equation doesn't balance here. Maybe the conduct of oneself is a choice that never really linked to education level.

It is sad that enforcement had to be done but it is for the comfort and convenience for other passengers. It is after all, a public transport. Or is it not?

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