Singa the Lion message regarding H1N1

Meet a Singapore adorable mascot that is the epitome of kindness, Singa the Lion. Excuse the mask there, it is another message he is trying to bring across.

Introduce in the early 1980s, Singa's job was to remind Singaporean to be courteous with the help of National Courtesy Campaign. The Singa mascot gives away hugs and smile to all but due to recent H1N1 attacks, Singa now take on another task to remind fellow Singaporean to have some social responsible. A closer look at Singa's T-shirt and you will get the point.

So if you are sick, please see a doctor and stay home with your M.C. Do not go to office when you are sick. Forget about the fear of what your boss may think about you having a M.C. For all you know, you being sick at the office may infect other with your virus. Isn't that worst? Let's take care of our personal hygiene at all times.