Original Michael Jackson Bad Cassette

In 1988, I got this cassette after catching the MTV preview on local TV channel. This cassette was the time when Michael Jackson is still at Epic.

You can see the wear and tear condition in the picture below. What do you expect from a 20 years old cassette?

That's not all, it comes with many bonus goodies inside.

At the back of the cassette, you can see the clear song list.

If you may notice, "Leave me Alone" was not inside for the cassette version. That song came out after the Moonwalker movie and found in the later CDs.

The cassette still look rather good condition today.

Here are the bonus material I was talking about.

Lots of MJ photos in the folds.

The famous MJ "moonwalk" logo introduce the first time inside the cover sheet. I love this logo.

That's not all. There was a separated song sheet inside.

It is double sided.

How retro is that?


Jacob Yap said…
Cool, I have only his old CDs, but not cassette. MJ rules!
LEon said…
I got some more of his cassette coming.
imDavidLee said…
wah..still got casette..but now very hard to find in market d...
LEon said…
Yes david. It is rare and more than 20 years. :)