Tribute to Michael Jackson

I woke up to hear the news of the death of Michael Jackson! I can't believe it! Sent a couple of SMSes to my old friends to verify and it was true... Michael Jackson had departed.

My close friends and brother did not take the news well too. What to do? From our growing up days we have been listening to his hits, so much so that his songs had been a background music of our stages in our life. I never did grow tired of his songs and I can still remember the memories of those stages of my life when I was listening to some of those songs.

In the 80's, I had his cassettes playing on my Walkman and mini compo blasting away hours. I played it so often that my parents would know who MJ was. When the CDs era come about, I started to get the same album in CDs. I collected some of his singles which are still with me today. As for his Music Video, I watched it on my LD player blasting it away with surround sound system. I was so fanatic about him, I even bought his perfume. It has a unique smell and I like it then.

When I learned that he is coming to Singapore for concert in the 1993 (Dangerous) and 1997 (HIStory), I parted my saving for the tickets. I knew it was once in a lifetime experience. MJ was the first singer who is able command the performance at our Singapore National Stadium. During his History concert in the middle of "You are not alone", he looked at the direction of where I was sitting and without hesitation, I stood up and wave at him. Everyone around me was sitting down. He saw me waving and smile and wave back. It was a magical moment.

I understand there are a number of people who do not like him because of the news around him and his lifestyle. As a fan, I love his works as an artist and his works do made a mark in his era. He had bring us many WOW memories in the 80s and 90s and leaving a foot print in history. I couldn't imagine how my teenage is like without Michael Jackson. I don't think they are any singer or entertainer will be able to fit his shoes. Never seen now until now anyway. Given to preform at a young age, it is fair to say his life was all about music.

I really want to get this sadness of my chest. There is so much I want to say but I could find the right words for it... :(

Good bye Michael Jackson. Thank you for the music and the magical Moonwalking. May you find happiness and peace wherever you are now. You will dearly missed always.


Michael Jackson Tribute concert at 02 to replace the original concerts? i keep hearing that all the concerts will be replaced by tribute concerts - is this true?
LEon said…
Maybe one or two tribute is okay but replacing 50 concert as tribute concert? I doubt that will work without MJ.