Something about Social Network issues

There are different levels of friendship. We normally will not class our friends as it is not a NICE to say we do so but it is an unwritten practice we apply in our day to day life. In friendship, we draw boundaries dividing sectors of our social life and putting on different persona and behavior.

*Picture credit to Mr Men by Roger Hargreaves

To business we talk and behave professionally. With good friends we let our hair down and party. And with very closed friend and soul mate, we have the confident to show our venerability to each other to confide.

Now imagine we take friendship online in one social network, that where all hell break loose.

Privacy is always an issue when we are talking about social networking and sadly, not enough were done on addressing this issue. Think along with me.

Imagine you go for a job interview and your potential employer did a search on your social network and found you? What will be their first impression be?

Imagine you blog about your son/daughter when they were born and you often update their daily progresses. Now in twenty years time, someone did a check online of your child, what will he/she find? Will there be issue of shame or pride?

Take it closer we have youngster who love to live in the wild side of life and documenting issues to them and happenings around them. Could such information one day be an exploitation to others and themselves? If that day come, who is to blame? Will personal privacy be an validation of their innocence?

In the coming entries, I will be sharing cases which maybe fictional but it may list out the potential risk without you knowing or unknowing doing it.