Online Game on Soical Network, Good or Bad?

Today I am going to talk about games on social networks. Games are popular in social media for a few reasons.

Fun and Achievement
A game is generally fun to play alone or with friends. It has a simple goal and lot of room for player skill/item upgrades. Such games are designed to retain gamer interest and keep them coming back.

Playing with friends
Some social network games involve multi-players. Sometime it is a good thing to motivate one another as one player progresses to a higher level. Such games can be a common topic to discuss on social networks.

The real reason why online social media provide games is simple. They want you to log in and stay in there to spend your time and in return raise their traffic and earn from it.

Playing games is fun and sometimes it can be addictive.

Rewards and Achievement
Most of the time, your achievement is likely to be published on your network and it has to be to shown off. Now that can work to your disadvantage if someone in your network disapproves of your gaming habit. One of those could be your superior or parent.

Let's face it. Some of us MAY have been played games during study or work. It may be great way to relax but your gaming achievement may be proof that you have not been working or studying as you should. All you need is a network of yours from your office or your teacher and your time spent playing are revealed. No doubt you may choose not to reveal your game score but they may already be captured and displayed somewhere in your profile.

So next time when you think about playing games, think about the contacts in your network.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this. I would love to hear it.