It will Blow your mind away?

This advertisement poster was on displayed at a bus stop. It was not the only time I came across food and beverage using suggestive sexual theme. After all, Sex sell right? Really? For food?

Sex and food work two different way and often enough it does not mix.
So what if the burger is 7 inches or even 12 inches long? Do that attract male customer or female customer? What about female customers? Do they feel hungry after seeing the advertisement poster?

Tell me honestly, do you feel hungry and want to eat the product in the picture? For male I guess they will look more looking at the female character in the poster. For female, I don't know. In short food and sex doesn't mix. It would likely to work distastefully. Maybe to comprehend this poster really blow people mind away when wondering what is that food brand is trying to establish their brand. Did that blow your mind too?


What is the most tasty, satisfiying, low calorie food you have ever came across?
LEon said…
Low calorie? This have to ask a vegetarian. LOL