Carpark advertising

You were going to your car and behold you see an advertisement brochure regarding car cleaning or car related on your wind screen. Will you happy read it or will you just can't wait for the moment to find a place to throw it away? Imagine every car wind screen in the car park as it. Now what do you think about it now?

Is that a good marketing move or a bad one? Personally many car users will feel upset for such junk to be on their vehicles. Sure someone will get to know their services and name but it is not because of the quality service or good pricing but the continuous spamming of unwanted brochure found on their car! Strike one!

Car park may look like a good way to zero into the customer base but people normal do not need such spamming. It is more like intrusion of people property as a car is indeed someone private property. The unwanted brochure will be litter or laying all over the car park. That is another negative score for the environment. Strike Two!

If that is not enough, the cleaners and the car park management will get to know about the advertising company and curse it! Strike three.

So you see, advertising with brochure leaving on cars is negative advertising. Although there maybe cases where they will be few leads, the damage is often higher than earning. Do you agree?


CAR PARKING How can councils state that no change is given when advertising finite charge for a finite time?
LEon said…
I'm not too sure about that.