Blogging in general

They are various reasons why someone started blogging. Some blog for hobbies, some for lifestyles, some for personal chronology documentation while some personal emotional therapy for their "emo-ing" and some are out right blogging for instant money. Regardless of the reason, you wanted someone to read.

I often heard some bloggers complaining that their blog readership is little. Now the questions they have to ask themselves should be do they want any reader following their blog and do they know who are those readers? If it is their personal life and their circles of friends know about their blog, they pretty much will follow them. With that in mind, they just keep doing what they are doing and they will be fine as it is a personal blog for your circle of friends. If they want growth, they may have to grow their personal network for that.

While exposure do help but it is the content that attract the readers. If she have a pretty face and a hot figure (cam whore a lot) and she put those it in her blog, she will very much guarantee certain readership regardless of what content she wrote about. The more bitchy and suggestive the content or photographs, the more likely to increase the readership. It is a tested formula after all and we have many living examples but sometime it is sad to see the quality of her readers.

If a blogger is not that lucky, he may want to focus on some topics and hope that search engines will help him out to grow his readership. For that, he may have to blog about certain topic he is passionate and have knowledge about. He must write in his personal point view and presentation even though it was a common topic and at all time encourage discussion. To encourage discussion, is to encourage readers who most of the time he never met to leave a comment. Now the question is how to get a reader to comment. Maybe I should talk on that topic a little more.

Readership after all is like Community while your blog need to be the center of it. I believe most of us blogger would like to readership by the end of the day right?


Kai and Baobei said…
i dont care whether my blog visited by other bloggers, i just want to note down every single moment of my life :)
LEon said…
Often or not, people who visit your blog may not be bloggers. We often thought it is bloggers as we get that illusion because those who care to comment often are bloggers. :)

Agree with you that Traffic is not everything but it is a subject on how and what direction we write our blog with the readers in mind. Ultimately, we are sharing our thoughts and hopefully to get how we feel across to another party. :)