Showing Realtime Online Readers on your Blog

Since this blog came back online, I decided to add some widget...just for fun.

Anyway as a blog owner, do you want to know how many users is reading your blog as in RIGHT NOW? Do we have something like that to display on your blog? Well I happen to find one and it is FREE!


This is a free service. It give Hourly, daily, Monthly, weekly, Unique and even raw hits for your Web status. In short, it gave you accurate real-time website statistics.

If you have multiple blogs, you can manage it with one account.

With Four simple steps, you can add it into your blog.

1. Register a new account / Login
2. Add your domain name/address.
3. Choose your font color and link test.
4. Copy the generated code into your website.


I'm using it on this blog and it work great.

One point to note, this is very useful if you have a sizable regular readers...