Window LIVE mail / Hotmail Javascript Problem

I have been having problem reading my email using Window LIVE (aka hotmail) since 4 Oct 2008. Out of the blue, the problem arise. I can log in but I could not read the full content of my email individually.

The error reflecting on both browsers I tried (IE & Firefox) is a Javascript error.

And when you click for more details, this is what I got.

Doesn't make sense to most of us I guess but thank God I am not the only one who face this problem.

Apparently it turn out not to be a browser problem but it has to do with your Proxy setting.

The follow steps are configure to a local ISP. If you are not a SingNet users and you face the same problem, you may want to change the proxy to your ISP proxy setting instead. Port remain as 8080.

For IE + SingNet ISP users, you can do the following.

1. Open your IE
2. Tools-->Internet Options-->Connections tab--> LAN Settings
3. Tick the Use proxy server
4. address: port:8080
5. Press Ok button
6. restart IE

For FireFox + Singnet ISP as well can do the following

1. Open your Firefox browser
2. Tools-->Options-->Advanced tab--> Network Tab (sub tab)
3. Click on "Settings" button
4. Select the "Manual Proxy Configuration" radio button
5. HTTP Proxy: port:8080
6. Checked the "Use this proxy server for all protocols" checked box
7. Click on all the OKAY button and restart your browser

There you have it. Do let me know if that solve your problem. Comment or rate it if you find this useful. :)