Force Unleashed Starwars PSP game review

The story is set between Episode 3 (Revenge of the Sith) and 4 (A New Hope). Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice, one more powerful than Vader and the Emperor is here. He inspired and spearheaded the rebellion and he is YOU! And you get to take it everywhere you go with your PSP.

For the first time you get to use Jedi and Sith power regardless of being on light and dark side. You can do the Vader's choke ("I find your lack of faith disturbing"), The Emperor's electrical shock ("Now Jedi, you will die!") and other "lifting and throwing" force. You can customize your own lightsaber from the handle, color of your blade and power crystals ("The crystal is the heart of the blade. The heart is the crystal of the Jedi...")which you collect throughout your journey. They are many costumes for you to choose from too.

So who will fight along the way? Warning: Spoiler ahead.

Being a neutral party, you have the luxury to cut everything along your path. From droids, Junk Golem, Stormtroopers, Emperor's Shadow Guard, AT-AT, Wookiee, AT-ST, Felucian Warrior, Rancor, bounty Hunter, Mandalore, Jedi to Sith Lord (that include Vader and the Emperor). Fun isn't it?

The storyline is interesting with more depth of other characters. Look out for Proxy. A droid more interesting than C3PO and R2D2. He gets to take on Vader. No joke.

Vader's secret apprentice being powerful was rather foolish or a better word loyal and forgiving in a way. Betrayed by Vader once, he still does his bidding. However he is not alone. Juno Eclipse, a female pilot who had the voice of Larry Croft will stand by him all the way. Together they inspire a rebellion against the empire.

At the end of the game you get to choose to fight Vader or the Emperor. The ending will be different depending on your choice but Vader's secret apprentice will not escape his fate which is death. Rightfully so as he should not interfere with "The New Hope" making Luke Skywalker to be the most powerful Jedi in time to come. Good part is, you get to trash Vader before Luke did. That make Vader such a loser right?

The player (being a player of Vader's secret apprentice) can get to face off with Luke at the "Force Duel" mode on PSP. Actually you get to play any Jedi and Sith depending which part of the game you completed. This is the only time you can fight with Luke Skywalker but he is not alone. His father, Vader is with him and he claimed the force is strong in his family. So take on them with all the skills and upgrades you have earn after completing the story mode. Yoda never appear in this game but it a good thing you get to play and fight as Qui-Gon.

If you want more than fighting a single jedi or sith battle, you may order an Order 66. The Empire's soldiers will come wave after wave after you. With blasters, AT-AT, troopers with electrical pole and the one I hate most, stormtroopers with jetpack. Having all the "force" in max upgrades, it is still not an easy task when numbers of them flooding (Gang banging) at you. Once you completed your order 66, you can get to play as Darth Maul.

There is also a Historical mode where you play certain characters in certain part of the story in the Starwars movie. Like Anakin dueling with Count Dooku, Luke skywalker fighting Bobafett in dune sea, Obiwan fighting Anakin in Mustafa, Mace windu in The Geonosis Colosseum fighting Jago fett and more.

The game is not without flaws, the camera is unfriendly sometime. No matter how powerful you are with the force, getting the object and throw to the target in the heat of the battle can be a fuss. Sometime you may even have problem choking a jet stormtroopers to his death after using a full bar of your force when your choke grade is already at max damage upgrade... However this game had me kept replaying in story and duel mode on the go.

For all Starwars fan, this is a game you shouldn't miss it. You can get it on other console too. It came out for almost every game console anyway. No reason for you not be able to play.