Embedded Comment Box was not working

It has been a while since I received any comments. I was starting to think maybe my artwork, comic strips or my reviews were bad. Out of the blue, I received a message from a fellow Entrecard member, Origena from http://origena.blogspot.com/ informing me that my comment system was not working. No wonder I have not be receiving any comment for a long while.

I spent an hour checking my template and I figure out there is something wrong with the embedded comment box. To solve that problem, I switched to pop-up for comment. So now you guys can comment! :P

Once again I would like to thank Origena for taking the extra effort to inform me. God bless you.


Josephine said…
Hi! Found out that u have more than 1 blog.
Which one u update most often?
Thank you for dropping a comment in my blog. Maybe u r rite, color doesnt matters. We keep it in the bag only.
LEon said…
Hey Josephine,

my current active blog is openthetoy. that is more for my toys collection hobby. :)

this blog was originally closed by blogger but today it is being restore again. Horray... now I don't know what to do with it.