Bandai Dragonball Super Saiyan Goku Toy Review

Dragon Ball comic has come a long way. I do have some Dragon Ball collection but I will start from my recent buy (got it because it was on discount).

Meet Super Saiyan (超サイヤ人) Goku (the first transformation) from Bandai action figure series. Actually Bandai seems to have many version of action figure but this was what I got from local retail store. This figure is about 5 inches tall. Having multiple articulation joints. Let's see how articulated it is shall we?

As a 5" toy, the overall packaging is pretty standard. The card packaging at the front is the quality of the figure, the name and other artwork. The back of the card is where it display the rest of the figure in hope that collectors will collect them all.

You notice the price didn't you? It was on Sale and I got one. Yes just one and it took me a long time to decide to get one. Reason I explain later.

I personally like the card artwork at the front by Akira Toriyama. That was the Goku that I love in my teens.

I wonder why Bandai do not spend more time in doing other individual drawing of characters for the packaging of each toy? Cost cutting reason I suppose.

Compare to the artwork on the card, this toy Super Saiyan Goku do look different.

The face is the main reason why it took me so long to consider to get one.

Just how articulated this figure is? Here is a rough sample of the movement of the joints.

The feet were rather small but that how it was drawn in the comic I suppose.

You can even remove his shirt like the comic too.

The hand does not offer finger movement at such the hands are always open and the proportion of the arms does not seems right.

Anyway here is how I make the best out of it. Trying to make this Goku toy as the Goku I know in the comic.

The Famous Kamekameha!

The lighting movement!

The REAL reason I get this Goku is because my first Bandai Vegeta which I got it almost 4 years ago is lonely. This Vegeta was the first realise which come with changeable hands. However as the series was Re-release, they do not offer any changeable hands anymore. You can tell the quality of the paint job too. I got Vegeta as it look really good as it was in the comic.

Now they can start fighting.

Overall with the price I paid, it still worth it especially for kids to play with it. But I still feel that Bandai can do a much more better job. I'm sure when the real movie is release, more toy will be remake and hopefully, they can do a better job. As for other dragon ball comic fan, a new series of Dragonball manga will be out soon in Japan. Old characters with added storyline.

That is all for my review. Hear from you.

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