Second Day in Blogger

It is really hard work to customize template! I was hit by many unexpected surprises. So what have I done so far beside fine tuning the template?

  • Site Meter - Beside knowing how many hits, it also allow you to know your visitor who and where they from visited your blog.

  • Embedded Comment Area - Another handy tools which visitor who want to comment need not go into another page just to comment. This will only work for "Blogger" only by Blogger in Draft.

  • Subscription - Now you can subscribe to my blog via email if I have any updates. Okay this is a good to have...I did that from Feedburner.

  • All those above are easy compare to the fine tuning of the template. With such effort, I think changing of the template will not be easy... I think I really need to brush up my understanding of the xml languages... Another learning curve...

    Thanks to my friend who is more experience blogger at blogspot to help me out. Thanks Pal!

    Okay will update with you guys again later.


    Fast Fire Fish said…
    No problem dude. Congrats!