samsung bluetooth Headset WEP200

I just got hold of this gadget today. It is Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth headset. Please don't mind the plastic layer in the photo as I kept the protective screen on. :)

The design, size and the weight captured me. It is so small and lightweight (15 grams). Appealing to the ladies, it comes 4 colors to choose from White, Silver, Black and Red and I chose black (Always my favorite color).

It has 70 hours stand-by time while talk time about 4 hours. The range is 10 meters(30ft) max which is good enough for me.

I pair it up with my Sony Ericsson K770i and I work perfectly.

Here is how I pair it up.

1. Make sure the WEP-200 (Headset) is off
2. Hold the Multi-function key on the headset for 8 second and it will give flashing blue blink
3. Use your mobile phone to search for the device and connect it
4. Enter the password or Pin and you are ready to go.

It is that simple. The reception was clear and I am happy with it.

One thing I need to be mindful of it as it is so small in size and weight that I might lose it. Everything has it price right?

End of the day, no more entangling wire and that is great for drivers.