Have your own Favicon

Here is another sharing entry from me.

For those who do not know what is a Favicon, this is what I am talking about.

Yes. It is the icon that is just beside the address bar. My default was the orange B, Blogspot logo.

I could not stop stressing the benefit of having your own Favicon. It is a norm for net surfer who open multiple tabs and how will your page be standing out? Now you can create your own.

It is quite easy and here are the steps I took to get it done.

- Image editing software and basic image software skills.
- web image hosting which could be your own web server or those free image storage online such as Photobucket.

Here how it is done
Create an image or crop an image to 30x30 pixel. You can make it smaller but make sure it should be a square. Save it as an image file (jpg/gif/png). Importance is to keep the file size small so it can load faster. Anyway here is mine.

Upload the image to your web server or free image online.

Now if you are a Blogspot user like me, log in to your account. Go under Layout and to Edit HTML.

Look for </head>

Add this line of quote to just above </head>


Replace YOUR_IMAGE_ADDRESS with your image storage address and SAVE it.

View your blog again and you will see your favicon appearing next to the address bar.

Now you can see your web page is standing out on itself.

You can be so YOU now! Let me know if you have done it too! :)