Do you want more readers or more traffic?

Coming to the end of second week of my blogging, I got some questions on my mind.

Since I added Entrecard, I do get more traffic but as for readers and interaction, it was minimum. I came across a blogger that share tips on how to "Drop" Entrecard more efficiently. You know like 100 drop in 100 blogs within minutes that sort of thing? I don't know why but that kind of turn me off. That mean dropping card without reading what the blogger's articles (unless you are master in speed reading).The droppers will earn the points and the site owner earn web traffic. But what about the content of the blog?
drop drop drop drop drop
Is that what blogging is all about? That prompted me to ask myself the following

Do I want traffic where people just drop the card and go or do I want interested readers instead?

Do I want to write articles on what other people want to read or should I write articles on what I wanted to share or say? Something for me to think it over the weekend.

Anyway I added Digg it and submitted some articles and shortly I got some readers on those articles. That's encouraging.