Bulkhead Leader Class Transformers Animated Toy Review

If you watch Transformer Animated, this could one of popular and well love character with a Big heart. Meet Bulkhead.

I'm one of those who fall in love with Bulkhead half way through the season 1. Among the series of his toy, Leader class series give a justification of the character in the animated, Although the toy maker can do a much better job. Okay on with the review!

Vehicle Mode
A very handsome military vehicle. Much more like a Riot-control vehicle with well shelter window and a water cannon on the top.

Closer look on the water cannon. Unfortunately this toy does not spray water.

The back can be open but all you can see is his arms.

For leader class, having light and sound is a must (that what you get when you pay that much). In vehicle mode, you will get the siren sound and lights.

Here are some snap shot of the transformation. It take me sometime to figure out the full transformation. A sound effect will be play when you transform it.

Robot Mode
Look heavy and it does feel heavy. True to the mass but the height is still rather short for me. However it has a good sense of balance.

The head do give light and some movement whenever the Autobot button on the chest is being push.

Another reason I love about this figure are the Phase being played.
"Sorry, my bad." and my personal favorite, "You can do it buddy"

On the right hand is the clip.

On the left, a saw.

both can be do some actions.

Meet Headmaster.

Once you put on this head on the body, another phase will be in play. "Ownage, Total Ownage".

Good though in design and stay faithful to the animation series.

I will do showing a self-made comic strip in the next toy entry. Come back for more.