No Plastic bag / Straw, No Cry?

Recently Business in Singapore are talking "Green" such as NTUC to cut down plastic bag and KFC say NO to straws .

While we are socially finding reason to be "Green", one must rethink how could we take steps to adopt a less plastic lifestyle.

No Straws
Recently KFC no straw have cause inconvenience as the KFC customers went to the extend to get straw at a Kopitiam outlet. That in return trigger Kopitiam to put on notice for KFC customer not to go over to take the plastic straw.

I had my first hand experience of No straw movement by KFC just last weekend when I ordered a meal with a large drink. The big paper cup filled with Ice and beverages was really difficult to drink as the paper cup was soft without the plastic cover. One must balance the drink without squeezing to deform the cup. If that is a challenging to an adult, how about children diner? Things would be easier if they would provide a firmer cup that actually hold the volume of the drink.

Also the cup cover of KFC was design for straws with the opening on the center. If it is not to use with straw but by slipping, why not change the cover to slipping one that would be at ease? 

Starbucks have that! Learn from them! Obviously this is not properly thought thru for a business.

Fruit for thoughts tho, how would the plastic sipping cover more environment friendly compare to plastic straw?

Plastic bag wastage
Another long debate about Singaporean uses lot of Plastic bag and businesses want to charge plastic bag.

First of all, there are many grade of plastic bag. IKEA have been doing charging for biodegradable plastic bag for years and they too charge customer for it. So what is the big deal?

Most of Singapore trashed are going to incineration which mean burning and plastic bag type of plastic would be gone.

Cut the chase short. Business can provide Paper bag (with lamination). Those are also recyclable and green too!

Don't get me wrong, I am all for going green. But if business intention is to cut cost but want to show off  being Green and point fingers to consumer to blame, then it  is really bad for you as a business owner. End of the day, business owner have a choice. Customer only choose what you have to offer.

Everyone need to think deeper than this.