Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rock & Ash Fries Dips Coffee

A friend of mine invited me for a dinner at Rock & Ash a local restaurant that has been operation for 3 years at 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-03 Marina Square Singapore 039594.

It is a cozy restaurants that offer friendly service, affordable pricing and quality food.

Here is how cozy it is.

*Please do not sleep here okay?

If that still do not give you a cozy feel, then let me tell you they offer FREE WiFi (ya what so great since some restaurant also offer that right? wait), free flow of Soup and soft drinks with your order (can you recall any restaurant offer this type of service?).  Oh there is NO GST too!

So if you have time, sit there and have a good chat with your friends. Just order some food will do.

Okay talk about the food. For starter we have Fries. These fries are those thick fries and what fries need are sauces for compliment.

We have Chocolate, Wasabi mayo, Inferno Cheese and Garlic Mayo, . Some of these sauces are home made.

Potatoes are never enough so we have Gourmet Dips with Inferno King Beef!

Main course we shared two Signature handmade burgers from Rock & Ash. Beef Burger with Caramel Bacon & Cheese. The taste get better with every chew. Seriously you have to chew to get the full favor. With the Cheese give salty but the caramel make it sweet.

Messy Spicy Juicy Sloopy Joe at SGD$8.90 taste is rich. So rich when the first bite you whole favor all at once.

I recommend if you are they, try their 3 layer tea that has a local favor of creamy and sweet!

How can 2 burgers be enough right? Let's do some damage!
Suddenly the urge of getting Crispy Pork Knuckles! It has crispy crest and chewy meat! Long time eat once is okay. Remember just do exercise.

Seafood Aglio Olio is a challenge for those who like spicy.

We top up the evening with desert. Fried Ice cream that is bigger than a person portion! The outer layer that is fried are corn flicks. Crispy!

Also Browne with Ice cream. Browne with Banana filled! Rich!

We had a good time dinning and chatting. Definitely a  good place to chill out quality food with decent pricing.

The service is also friendly as no body is rushing you and you surf your web, eat, talk, get free flow of soup and soft drinks. Did I mention there is NO GST?

Whether you want a full meal or just finger food, this is a great place to spend your 1 or 2 hours especially if you are with friends.

You may visit their facebook page to find out more!