Wednesday, July 4, 2012

From Gingerbread to ICS on Galaxy S2

I got my Samsung Galaxy S2 earlier this year while it was still running Ginger bread. As I did not activate my phone for auto update, I totally forgotten that Samsung did roll out an update for all Galaxy S2 to go on ICS.

It take me less than 20 minutes to download and update my phone with the new version of Android. As I store much of my data on SD card, I decided to reset my phone to factory setting so that the ICS will run much faster. So I did. After resetting my phone, I spend another half an hour to load back most of my Apps.

Although I lost some of the setting of my App, I did not regret it or really missed it as there are a number of Apps I install but I hardly even use it. With the reset, I can now focus on those App that is important to my daily usage.

I have no complain of the ICS upgrade. I find the reset to factory move after I updated the ICS is a good move. My phone never hang nor any Apps encounter force close so far.

I tried the face recognition to unlock phone and it was fun but after sometime I decided to switch back to the pattern as it is much faster for me. 

Sad to say as everyone now is waiting for the new version of Jelly bean, Galaxy S2 will not be getting that version because of hardware... Anyway as long my current mobile phone can allow me to what I need to do daily, that would keep me happy.

I would be sharing more of my Android experience later...that if you want to read more. LOL