Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is it! Michael Jackson trailer

Finally Michael Jackson "This is it" movie is coming. Michael was so full of energy and happiness in the trailer.

The thing that touch me was when he said "I feel so bless that I can give the world back"... but what most of the world has done to you Michael? :( A certain sadness comes along after I watched the Trailer... Nonetheless, I am going to catch the movie just for you Michael.


[SK] said...

well, what he has done he has not asked for any return, that is what make him feel proud of himself.. :)

LEon said...

Honestly SK. MJ had inspire and touch so much pple with his music of 1-3 generations. He was so popular in limelight that people just like to pull him down and he was one person who lack very much in complete privacy for his whole life. He gave the world his life but what has the world gave him back as an artist? I still feel very sad about his passing...:(