Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Optimus Prime Voyager Transformers Animated Toy

He is Red and Blue. Here comes the leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime!

In Transformer Animated however, Optimus is just a leader of a small team on earth. He is not as confident in leadership as he is another version (much younger) than the previous Optimus Prime.

Vehicle Mode
Taken a form of a Fire trunk, animated Optimus Prime still retain his signature color theme.

For this toy, the water gun behind is able to hold small amount of water and it will spray some water however I never did try that. I don't want to wet my toy.

A view from the top. Still look good doesn't it?

You can separate the accessories and the main vehicle.

Without you knowing, the accessories can transform into an Axe and a water gun.

The Transformation is simple and similar to the old Optimus prime we know which is a good thing.

Robot Mode
In many ways, the toy design retain much of Optimus Prime features. Animated version do give a youthful and strong built.

Here is the part that only Voyager version of the Optimus Prime has it. It is the mask that mimic the old Optimus Prime that we are familiar with.

View from the side, he look handsome doesn't it?

How about the top?

Now let armed him with his weapons. First is an Axe. This version of the Axe NEVER appear in the animated series at all. These toy axe is flimsy, easily broke apart but the good thing is it is easy to piece it back together.

As for his gun, it doesn't look decent as a fire arms... Wait, it suppose to spray water and not shoot laser...I don't know what come over me when I took this shot. I just think of 007...

"My name is Prime, Optimus Prime"

"Shaken not stir?"

Okay I hear you. I better end this review before I really get carry away.

Stay tune to my Toy comic HEAD to HEAD part 2 in the next entry (hopefully)! For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, here is the Part 1. Feel free to feedback people!


Juliana said...

Hi LEon,

I got this toy at a sale recently and I like him very much too! :D

Usually I ignore the TFA toys but this guy truly rocks, though he looks a bit like a 'baby toy' in vehicle mode :P

LEon said...

Yes Juliana. So far voyager class Optimus Prime is the best in the series.