Monday, September 8, 2008

Megatron Leader Class Animated Transformers Toy

Today review will be Leader Class toy, Megatron from the Animated Transformers series. Like all Leader class series, this Megatron comes with electronic LED lights and Sound.

Originally know to be the color scheme of Purple and Gray, Animated Megatron turn to Red and Purple. Even the Decepticon logo on his chest turn red in this toy.

It come in steady box and eye catching layout and design. The front presentation show more than 75% of the toy while the back give a good instructions of features of this toy.

One of Megatron line is written at the back of the box.


Used to be a gun in the classic transformers series, Megatron in the new animated series turn into a stylish helicopter. During this mode, you can rotate one of the blade and the other side of the blade will rotate as well. By pressing the Decepticon logo, it will play the sound of a helicopter flying and lighting.

In 360 view, all angle look good.

The transformation is pretty simple. The toy does not have any loose joints and can balance rather well during transformation. In the process of transformation, it will play a transforming sound effect when the cockpit is being push down behind his head.

Robot Mode
The preposition of the toy in robot mode look really great. With Board shoulders and V shape body, this Megatron look intimidating.

By pressing on the Decepticon logo on his chest, it will give a glowing red light...

and his mouth will open.


Megatron's accessories include two swords and a gun. How can Megatron not come with a gun right? The gun comes with a missile that will be activated by a spring.

This toy really has a good sense of balance and fair amount of poses.

Compare to the Movie line Leader class, Animated Leader class has the same height.

Comic Strips

* Special appearance of Cyber Stomping Prime from the Movie series.

That wraps up for this review for today. :)


Kilowogz said...

Hiya, buddy. Leonography, huh?

Btw, I wonder what did the first guy think when they decide Megatron will be a gun... I mean, chopper is good, Cybertron battleship is also good... a gun? Come on...

LEon said...

Soundwave transform to a mini-compo? I think only Decepticon does that scaling thingy.

Juliana said...

Hi LEon,

I love your toy photos as always! This TFA Leader Class Megatron does look more 'kid friendly', compared to his movie counterpart :P

I got a TFA Voyager Megatron together with TFA Voyager Optimus Prime at a recent sale. They both make a great pair when displayed together :)

LEon said...

To be honest. This Megatron is the most handsome one I seen so far. :P