Friday, September 19, 2008

LG 60PG70 to be won in Singapore

If you are a Singaporean or a Permanent Residents in Singapore, you have a chance to be the first to walk away with a 60" LG Full HD Plasma TV.

The contest is hosted by EastCoastLife, a Singaporean blogger and LG.

Let's talk about the grand prize first.

The model LG 60PG70 plasma screens offer 1080p HD resolution with a thin and sleek design. With non-reflective internal cell structure, it minimize excessive glare typically caused by harsh ambient light.

The speakers are well hidden in the design but quality is never compromises. LG Electronics were the first mainstream consumer electronics company to achieve THX Display Certification and that technology was implemented in this model. Other LG high-end technologies such as "Dual XD Engine" were also included in this TV.

Complete with Full High Definition in Visual in size of 60 inches and clarity of Sound (THX). What more can you still ask for? Maybe HD channel and Blu-ray? :P Did I mention it is FREE if you win EastCoastLife Contest?

So How to win?

Check here for the contest!

Good Luck Singaporeans.

More detail Features and Specs on LG60PG70

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