Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Coca-Cola Miniature Collectibles

Like the Open Chiller and Refrigerator at the background? They are Coca-Cola Miniature Collectibles. It was on sale at our local 7Eleven stores. I fell in love the moment I lay my eyes on them.

The whole collection consist of the following:

  • Open Chiller
  • Refrigerator
  • Set of 8 miniature items

The Refrigerator and the open Chiller are the main collection items. With Coca-Cola branding, almost everything become a collectibles.

The back packaging display how it will look like when the chiller and fridge are filled.

Once out of the package, these miniatures are in full glory. Can't tell it is a miniature in the photo right?

The fridge door can be open too.

Here comes the drinks and the food. They come in set of 8. Each of the boxes comes with 2 1.5l bottles drinks, 2 can drinks and 2 type of food.

Food glorious food!

See the fine details of the can drinks?

Okay this is a bit off scale between the can drinks and the 1.5l bottles.

As for the food?

Okay let's fill them up! chiller first!

And the Refrigerator

They actually are selling like Hot cakes at 7Eleven now.


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